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Compared to Electronic Books

As I considered this my best chapter the one I always talked about before I even published my book, under the advice of my mentor and coach Millionaire Author Stephanie Hale, this part of the book became the beginning of the story to set the scene for Broken Oath. (Which I might add was not the original title of the book either. Note that 'around her waist was a deep belt, 5 inches wide. The belt, the chain, the limited mobility and the bed are significant. Would it be integrity, honesty, trust, family unity, change or success? Joe Morelli, the vice-cop who had sexually abused Stephanie in the past and Ranger who is Stephanie's bounty hunter mentor are both supports and irritants for Stephanie who is determined to find Uncle Mo and determine who was doing all the killing.

Stephanie's eccentric parents and Grandmother Mazur also have important roles in this crime novel. They all have strong ideas about how Stephanie should live and work, a situation that causes her stress. At the same time, however, they are always there for Stephanie if she wants a good home-cooked meal, advice or someone to accompany her on missions.

Stephanie and Joe Morelli's relationship becomes even more complex than in the past. Stephanie is given a file for Kenny Mancuso who has shot his best friend. At the same time, Stephanie accepts a private contract. The manager of a funeral home hires Stephanie to find a large number of caskets that have mysterious disappeared. Joe Morelli, the vice-cop from Evanovich's first Plum novel is now cleared of his murder charges and becomes competition to Stephanie. The plot takes several twists and turns as the characters not only live out the mundane aspects of their lives but also incorporate the danger and exciting elements associated with their work.

Stephanie's parents are both supportive and stressful elements of her life. In general, hardcover books are more durable than other times. A paperback book could become ruined if it gets a little sprinkle of rain on it, or the cover might tear off. These hardcover books are with you for the long haul. For Students and Youngsters
Purchasing hardcover books is particularly important for the younger generation, and this tip is an especially valuable one in schools. Hardcover books last longer at home, but they are also better able to withstand lockers, book bags and desks piled high with learning materials.

Compared to Electronic Books
Certainly, electronic books have their benefits.

Serving as Literature and Decor
While reading your books is certainly your favorite part about them, you also like to use these novels and collections of poetry as centerpieces for your coffee table. Hardcover books are generally more attractive than other types, and they can add an air of sophistication to the room.

Taking Notes
Part of reading a book for a class involves taking notes in it. Whatever the case may be, hardcover books are more likely to withstand your note-taking skills than paperback ones. For the person who loves both absorbing and creating literature, a hardcover book is the right answer for you.

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Compared to Electronic Books

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