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Collection of Tax Return and Refund Tips for 2014

For most Australians tax time is about maximising your tax refund by legitimately claiming on everything you are entitled to. That said make sure you collect a list of everything you are entitled to claim on so you can get the most out of your tax return.
Some things you may be able to claim on:
Educational Tax Refund:
Student Union and course fees. (This does not included HECS/HELP loans)
Text Books, Stationery, photocopying.
Home office expenses, software related to study, printer cartridges, internet access.
Interest on borrowing to purchase computers or to pay fees.
Depreciation (Decline in Value), e.g. computers, fax machines, etc
Secretarial expenses e.g. typing of assignments.
Accommodation and meals if they were away from home overnight on connection with work related study activities.(detailed notes below.)
Computer Software and Hardware depreciation
Income protection insurance:
If you have income protection insurance, the ATO allows you to claim this as a work-related expense.
Uniform Claims:
Costs of purchasing and maintaining work eligible uniforms and/or protective clothing can be claimed in this section by including a description of the expense and the claimed amount.
Eligible clothing includes:
Items which are required to wear that have your employer's logo permanently attached
A compulsory uniform that identifies you as an employee of an organisation such as police uniforms, paramedics, defence force.
Occupation-specific clothing such as a traditional nurses uniform, chef pants etc
Maintenance of the clothing includes the cost of renting, repairing and cleaning.
If your claim for laundry is below $150, no written documentation is required. The tax office considers a reasonable basis to calculate the claim as $1 per load of work-related clothing, or 50 cents per load if other laundry items were included.
All Australian resident taxpayers are liable to tax a 1.5% medicare levy based on their taxable income during the year should that income exceed pre determined thresholds that apply to both individuals and families. There are some specific situations where individuals may be entitled to an exemption from this levy.
Private Health Insurance does not reduce or remove the Medicare Levy, it does however limit the Medicare Surcharge which applies to higher income individuals and families who do not maintain adequate Private Health

By Justin Benjamin Nisbett

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Collection of Tax Return and Refund Tips for 2014

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